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Retail & Wholesale VoIP Service Provider

If you’re looking for the provision of top-notch CLI routing service to terminate global inbound calls then you’ve just reached the perfect place. Committed to the provision of high-quality worldwide fixed line operators as well as direct mobile interconnection, Blazon Solutions helps your voice reach each and every corner of the globe. Our experts rely on the high-end communication equipment to ensure the most efficient, consistent and reliable
global outbound traffic routing.

our mission

Our Mission

To ensure the provision of top-quality VoIP services at competitive prices making the most of our global existence and commitments with the international community to ultimately ensure the optimal level of client satisfaction.

our plan

Our Plan

Our plan is to promote VoIP service industry and motivate the our clients to invest more and more in this swiftly flourishing technology and this why we offer a comprehensive range of services including wholesale as well as retail services.

our vision

Our Vision

Being one of the leading global VoIP service provider Blazon Solutions envisions the propagation of the best practices in the industry and help businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations to cut down their cost by without compromising on the quality.

Our Services

As a leading CLI routing service provider, Blazon Solutions makes the most of its global distribution network. This global association helps us generate billions of international minutes. Offering the minutes at wholesale pricing is another challenge but thanks to our experienced team of professionals we’re now helping our clients to sell and buy. We guarantee high-quality and high volume traffic from the world’s most popular regions which also include the United States. The reliable IP technology serves as the base for our Internet Telephony service and helps reducing the national
and international call prices.

Wholesale VOIP

We offer highly competitive Voice over IP (VoIP) wholesale prices serving A-Z terminations for VoIP providers. A variety of routing plans helps us to offer different packages so that you can chose the one that suits your requirements.

Retail VOIP

Blazon Solutions also serves its clients with top-quality VoIP services at retail prices.

Call Center

We help you in an attempt to marginalize the operational costs of your business by offering hosted call centers featuring accelerated call flow.

Dailer Termination

Dialer Termination routes a phone call from one telephone provider to the next. We provide the most reliable Dialer Termination service, quick, clear, and free of interruptions.

Virtual Office

We also serve professionals and entrepreneurs with virtual offices so that you can build your brand’s image without investing a lot.

Network Solutions

We are also adept at software development using open source technology like Linux / MySQL and PHP.

Unified Communication: A Step Forward

Blazon Solutions stands out by providing the following extensions to its services:

  • 24/7 Support
  • Reliability/Down Time
  • Quality Assurance
  • Versatility
amazing services
advantage of using blazonsolutions

What Makes Us Different?

We serve a variety of clients including individuals, call centers, as well as businesses. We are devoted towards client’s satisfaction and continuous improvement.

  • Quality that stands apart
  • Global existence
  • Unmatched Coverage
  • Competitive Prices
  • High Standards
  • Superior Support

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