Acceptable Usage Policy

Blazon Solutions reserves the right to suspension or discontinuation of service to its clients. We may resort to suspension or disconnection on general basis or at any given point in time with or without a prior notice.

Services may be disconnected in any of the following circumstances:


Services can be terminated with or without prior notice in any case of non-payment of account dues. In case the payment method expires or charges to method of payments fail or are reserved, Blazon Solutions reserves the right to discontinue its services to its client. To avoid this situation, clients should provide us with a valid alternative payment method.

Abnormal Usage

If it is determined that the client’s usage of the device, service or the features is in any way abnormal as compared to observed usage standards for a particular service plan, Blazon Solutions may resort to discontinuation of services to the client. This applies to both types of usages, inbound as well as outbound.

Illegal Usage

If usage of services, features or devices is found not to be in compliance with the terms and conditions of the service agreements or if it is determined that our services to other clients is being affected or the client is found guilty of using Blazon Solutions’ services for an illegal or inappropriate purpose, the right to disconnection of service is reserved by us.

Violation of Jurisdiction Terms

If it is identified that the terms and laws of service area jurisdiction of Blazon Solutions’ services or your device are being violated, we may discontinue the services at any given time with or without a prior notice to the client.


If it is determined that a client has tampered their device in any way, we reserve the right to discontinue the service with or without prior notice. If Blazon Solutions has provided you with any device under any “special service offers” then the client may also be required to make a payment equivalent to purchase price of the device as well.


Blazon Solutions does not entertain a review of usage and identified violation of laws or require an approval of the client before disconnection of services under any of the aforementioned scenarios.

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