Methods to Improve Customer Service in a VOIP Business

By Rajat Kesarwani | Tusday, Dec 26, 2019 15:10 PM | 5 min read


  • In the era of complex telecom and VoIP services, the tough competition demands an excellent customer experience in order to attract and retain customers.
  • In the VOIP telecom industry, satisfactory customer experience is the need of the hour. Company’s desired growth in revenue is directly related to this.

The surveys of customer experience in the telecom world have revealed that consumers keep a very low opinion of the telecom industry. They are unsatisfied with the services that they receive from their providers. Telecom operators devote most of their time and effort in building and managing their VOIP networks, rather than engaging their consumers. In this blog, we will learn about some strategies and guidelines that communication service providers could put into practice to remedy this problem.

Give Digestible Information in excess

Customers find difficulty in finding an exact solution to their problem as the information is available in abundance. Telecom companies operate a high tech business, and managing tough information is hard for customers to digest and understand. Providing simple and accurate solution of a particular problem in a most simple and sober manner is an important factor in securing customer loyalty. Various solutions like self explanatory presentations, instructional videos, trouble shooting documentation, and a knowledge-base covering the most prominent and easy to follow VOIP topics should be made easily accessible on the company’s website.

“ALL for one” Assumption

Company’s customers do not have any direct access or contact with the various departments of communication service providers like administration, marketing, career relations, verification, billing, and HR. To know the customer’s problems and to shed more light on their pain points, it would be more appropriate if all these departments engage with the clients more often as possible. The biggest motivation for all staff would be the positive feedback of the customer that would encourage to achieve performance excellence.

“Tailor-fitted” Service for Every Customer

The specific needs of each customer should be addressed and serviced accordingly. It is extremely important for telecom companies to be in touch with the clients in order to provide easy and efficient solution to their problems. All the companies should bother about earning the customers trust and confidence and delivering the essential services to them. It is highly advisable to prioritize VOIP customer’s needs, requirements and the things important to them. Such strategies and tactics will win their trust, gratitude and loyalty towards the brand.

A segmentation-based approach

Telecom operators feel the need to increase the organizational efficiency as well as simultaneously controlling the cost of running the service operation. The companies need to deal with the balancing act of indulging customers and at the same time managing expenses. Adopting a segmentation-based approach is the right alternative. Providing high quality services to higher value customers through direct channels, while servicing lower value customers through social media and the web could be the way to optimize service quality. Such kind of methodology could lead to cost optimization and satisfactory customer service.

Social Media for Customer interaction

A good strategy is to serve the existing customers and reaching out to the new potential clients online. Engaging with the customers at the online places will have a positive impact on them and will explore new opportunities. The technique of providing customer service via social media has changed significantly. Now, companies are adopting various other online channels to deal with customer issues. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube are the popular social sites for resolution of queries. Another efficient problem solving tool is the adoption of web-based customer service dashboard which provides quick and more personalized interactions.

Refer to Call-centers and AI

Managing customer service could be made easier by using call-centers that offer outsourced phone management solutions. With increasing technological advancements, the call centers have started integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into their operations.AI software can rapidly forecast customer behavior and trends. It provides an efficient way to identify potential leads that may eventually become major customers. Contact center services such as customer support, billing and collections, application processing, data entry services and technical support can be used to meet the needs and budgets of any business.

Favorable Skills of the customer service representative

Live communications holds a very important place amongst all of the digital communication strategies employed in VOIP services. Telecom operator plays a very important role to ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction. It is the duty of all the personnel in the customer service department to provide finest services to the customers to keep their moral and esteem high. The personality of customer service representatives and the skills required by the important staff members can be a game changer for a long time to come. Some pointers for the staff of this department are:

Customer-friendly approach

Friendly attitude along with professionalism helps to generate customer’s enthusiasm. It is a good strategy and can bring a huge revolution in the field of telecom and VOIP business. It is a rule that an engaged customer is always a happy customer, who spends time on company’s website, buys in bulk and gives excellent remarks and feedbacks.

Good Listening skills

Another important skill which any talented sales assistant need to have is the ability to listen carefully to the clients. Sales assistant should be patient enough to listen to constructive and appropriate questions of the clients. Active listening will help to provide genuine and correct answers to the clients.

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