Real Estate Marketers Save Up To 75% of Costs with VoIP

By Rajat Kesarwani | Friday, June 28, 2019 14:20 PM | 4 min read


  • VoIP helps real estate businesses avoid unwanted expenses, and spend wisely on effective communication.
  • Numerous benefits of VoIP have proven to gradually remove the practice of using the traditional phone system in the Real Estate industries.
  • Real estate advertising on phone is not an expensive affair anymore. VoIP help save up to 75% of marketing costs.

VoIP has recently become an integral part of real estate solutions in most of the countries worldwide. The real estate businesses now have more competitors than many other types of businesses. VoIP is a life saver for businesses that require a cost-effective and convenient communication system for interaction within and outside the company.

You can rely on a Voice over Internet Protocol solutions to meet your targets faster and keep your customers happy with your services. Respond to clients and understand them better while also managing a team of agent on the other hand. This is how VoIP helps real estate professionals grow in their field and maintain their position firmly for decades.

VoIP for Real Estate - Ease of Use and Cost Reduction

Real estate marketing has three common methods of advertising; content marketing, social media marketing and calling. The most effective method among these three is calling. This helps you give your potential new clients a personalized treatment. Making international calls on a regular basis could be an expensive affair and this could lead to unwanted expenses for marketing. VoIP helps you connect with customers worldwide at an almost negligible cost to the company. A smart businessperson would call it a trick to achieve targets while saving on expenses.

To talk about the free calls that you can make on apps such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, the call quality are not up to the mark for business dealings. They are good for personal use only. VoIP gives your company a more serious image. It presents you well and leaves a good impression on your clients. Apart from being cheap and offering a more presentable image for your company, the convenience is icing on the cake. You do not need to be on your system at all times, you can use your tablet, your smartphone or laptop to interact with clients and co-workers.

Quiet a lot of dealings in the real estate business is based on mutual trust between the client and the company. The normal way of interacting is on the telephone, and it is how most of the business deals begin and close. VoIP offers you voice recording options in case required. It is also safer than making calls on free calling apps.

VoIP is a must-have IP phone service for businesses today. Blazon Solutions offers you:

  • Call recording, monitoring, and reporting options on an IP phone service
  • Smartphone integration if required.
  • Customized call routing, inbound and outbound
  • Voicemail and call history viewing service
  • Interconnection of various departments in an office and with other branches
  • Desk-to-desk dialing is made possible and highly efficient
  • Unified messaging system, with fax-to-email system
  • Cheapest calling rates internationally and nationally
  • Toll free number option and more..

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