VoIP - Everything You Need to Know

By Rajat Kesarwani | Friday, Novemeber 15, 2019 16:10 PM | 5 min read

What is VoIP?

VoIP, the short-form of Voice over Internet Protocol, is a medium of communication that allows you to make calls over the internet at a reduced rate. This is only the basic definition, VoIP offers many other options apart from simply receiving or making calls worldwide.

Most of the businesses now choose VoIP for their business and advertisement calls across the globe. The system is far more convenient than the traditional phone system and free calling apps. The call quality is excellent, the rates are reasonable and you can use almost any smart device to operate using the technology.

Key Features of VoIP

VoIP offers you cost-saving options. You can actually avoid huge expenses on telephone calls especially if the business is related to sales and marketing. If you need access to advanced phone features and also an organized telephone system for your workplace, VoIP is the solution for you.

  • There is an enhanced level of flexibility with VoIP services today. You can now receive voice mails too. Your voicemails can be sent to your email address or transcribed and delivered to your phone inbox.
  • Enjoy a dashboard system that would give you immediate access over voicemails, an IVR system, call logs, contact databases, conference calls, traffic directing and call forwarding.
  • You can have a single number and multiple phones would operate on it. This means if you’re a call center or you have a department of sales to take inbound and outbound customer call, there is nothing better than VoIP.
  • Take advantage of the virtual receptionist system to help your callers choose the right department they would like to talk to. An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system is a must for medium and large businesses today. VoIP brings these functionalities to you at a fraction of the cost.

Why get VoIP?

Why not? If your business communication system is not up to the mark, you cannot expect to see immediate improvement. VoIP gives you a better platform in the market. Advertising is easier with the technology. It also helps better the communication between teams inside the office, and to add to this, it is the cheapest method of business calling nationally and internationally.

Different types of VoIP

There are different types of VoIP, and they are;

VoIP Desk Phones: A VoIP phone looks like a landline phone, however, they are connected to the internet. It helps to send and receive audio information. They come with an automatic call forwarding and voice-to email options.

Wireless:The do not have to be fixed to LAN for the internet. They work perfectly with Wi-Fi or a DECT transceiver. When you have cordless phones you can work more freely.

Softphones: A softphone will be installed on your system just like you install applications on your phone. This helps in remote operations as well as call centers.

Conferencing: A conference phone functions like an analogue telephone. An IP conferencing phone is used in large businesses where multiple participants have to be involved in a call.

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