VoIP Vs GSM Which is Better for Voice Calls

By Rajat Kesarwani | Monday, October 21, 2019 16:20 PM | 4 min read


  • VoIP market is taking over GSM like a storm. VoIP’s crystal clear voice quality and cost-effective rates are helping businesses save money on calling costs.
  • Why VoIP beats GSM for voice calling. The compatibility of VoIP is better than GSM in many ways. The survey, ‘ VOIP and GSM Voice Calling Who is Best’ done this year suggest that VoIP is taking over the market by a storm.

GSM (Global System for Mobile) is an open cellular technology that is used for transmitting the mobile voice. It also is used to operate data services and was developed as a digital system for communication nationally and internationally.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a calling technology that allows call forwarding, conferencing, voice-mail, toll-free numbers, IVR system and more, through the internet at negligible rates. Most businesses across the globe are opting for VoIP for cost-saving and effective voice calling.

VOIP vs GSM Who is Best

Here is the comparison between the two keeping in mind the quality of the services and the features offered by them both:

Compatibility The system uses modern advanced technology. It enhances the business capabilities. GSM uses an old cellular technology and it doesn’t update as VoIP does for business development.
Hardware The hardware needed is quite less in comparison to GSM. Integration is possible by directly connecting to your PBX. GSM would need additional hardware installation. It cannot be integrated with existing hardware and systems.
Number Porting VoIP allows you to have a fixed-line number when porting. Porting a fixed-line number to a mobile GSM service is not
Connectivity VoIP doesn’t need mobile coverage. It works with any internet connection or a dedicated VoIP line. GSM requires a mobile network coverage in the area, without this it will not work.
Call Rates The VoIP calls rate can be reduced substantially. The call rate cannot be reduced as it is in the case of VoIP
Quality The quality of calls is excellent. Blazon offers a 99.9% uptime rate. The quality of calls is not as crystal clear as internet calls.
Scalability A single SIP trunk can be used to route all inbound and outbound calls. There is less use of equipment and high productivity. One GSM cannot support more than one call at a time with putting a call on hold.

VoIP allows you to make and receive calls nationally and internationally at unimaginably reduced at rates. Any internet connection can be used for VoIP services. The service provider can connect it to the cloud-based PBX of your company so that you can have access to calls and voice mails remotely and while you’re in your office premises.

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