Why are VoIP Phone Systems Important for Most Businesses Today

By Rajat Kesarwani | Tusday, Nov 29, 2019 15:10 PM | 5 min read


  • The VoIP solution is gaining recognition by the day. They are cost-effective, high in scalability and the most preferred medium of telephone communication for businesses.
  • The VoIP global market size is expected to reach a whopping size of $145B by 2024.
  • VoIP phone systems generally include quick and easy installation. Small and medium size businesses prefer VoIP phones over GSM.
  • A comprehensive VoIP phone system includes a range of functions that are needed by an organization for communication nationally and internationally.

According to recent surveys on customer satisfaction from using the VoIP solution, it is evident that a range of voice functions are needed in any company. For them who don’t know, VoIP phone systems use broadband internet connection to function, this means little to no new equipment cost. It ranges from small businesses to multi-service enterprises.

To define VoIP accurately, it becomes the center system that manages your calls, and increases the efficiency of your business network instantly. The need to manage multiple networks is eliminated.

The best benefit of VoIP for employees of the company is that they are able to stay connected with their fellow employees and they are also constantly able to help customers at a reduced call rate.

Here are some of the major ways in which VoIP is helping businesses grow at high pace:

1. The Incredible Benefit of Saving Time: VoIP helps you save time. Employee productivity is main affected when they are not equipped by a organized software system that helps them manage voicemail accounts, and VoIP helps them do that effortlessly.

How does it do it?

The technology comes with a single mailbox. There are messages collected from multiple locations and they are all united into a single voicemail account. Messages are turned into emails and delivered directly to the inbox of your employees. There are automated services in VoIP that help your customers get resolutions to their queries without having to speak with a representative. This save labor cost for the company, and gives you more satisfactory customer feedback.

2. Improvement in Customer Retention: VoIP phone systems help you have a high rate of FCR (First Call Resolution). It becomes difficult to address the queries of your customers if they are angry because of the long wait for you to answer. The automated system helps them to get directed to the right department, and they are able to get a resolution faster. This certainly helps in customer retention.

If you’re a product-based company, the VoIP system can be designed to store customer data relating to their order tracking and deliver status, their money refunds, and more. The technology is directly related to building a strong brand reputation of your company.

Apart from building your brand and helping you provide excellent customer service, the role of VoIP in the evolution of business productivity is noticeable and the technology also cheaper to the budget in comparison to GSM.

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