We Give You a Centralized Business Virtual Phone Number

All you need is a single business phone number to interact with multiple agents, departments with the best retail VoIP providers. Blazon Solutions is here to make it easy for you to reach your target audience and be in touch with your associates with a single easy-to-remember telephone number.

As your business sees new heights, there are more branches and departments you need to communicate with. We can help you have one phone number and several phone numbers mapped behind that one number. The good news is you will not have to update your business phone number repeatedly. The new numbers would automatically be mapped to the existing VoIP business number when you take our service.

Scale Your Business with a Single Internet Phone Number

Retail VOIP

At Blazon, we serve our clients with top-quality VoIP retail solutions. You can be sure that you would receive best-in-class service at unbeatable prices. We also serve A-Z terminations for VoIP providers.

Flexibility - We are totally flexible. We work with small businesses and large no matter the location. We can customize your packages when it’s best or tailor one instantly to start off with your project.

Quick two steps contract signing process with our pleasant customer care experts.

Scalability - With us you have the freedom to increase your business opportunities. You can have your own retail voip services and we can partner with you to make it better. You can outsource your business to us.

Easily operate and manage tools to keep track of calls and improve productivity.

Affordability - We offer cost-effective pricing and negotiate rates to fit your budget. We offer you statistics and monitoring report for you to track your progress in terms of VoIP connectivity and savings for your business.

Tremendously cut down on phone bills and business conversion expenses.

With us you get the latest of phone functionality, and upgrades to better packages at minimal costs. Get Our retail voip traffic Solutions to Experience uptime of 99.9% for your business phone connections.

Boost Your Profits With Our Cost-Effective VoIP Services