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Thanks to the global presence of our distribution network, we at Blazon Solutions offer the most reliable retail services. The connections with the global communities ensure the efficient foreign-born service featuring billions...

The best thing about VoIP is the flexibility which helps customization as per the requirements of a company or a retail business. Blazon Solutions retail service is tailored for small chains and retails. We’ll make sure that the VoIP configurations have been made in accordance to the very needs of our clients. Our Hosted VoIP serves the retails and small chains way better than the conventional PSTN.

Go Global with Us

Blazons Solutions exists globally and it gives us leverage of the provision of exceptional VoIP CLI Routes terminal call which serve you in more over 200 countries across the globe.

Stable Routing

Our effective backup routing helps us provide exactly what our clients have been looking for. We help our clients connect to every corner of the globe. We serve with the top-notch call termination regardless of time and place.

Why Us?

Decades of experience and reliable links with the international players has made Blazon Solutions capable of serving its clients with exceptional ASR and ACD levels at fairly competitive prices.

The utilization of the latest technology makes things easier for us to provide our clients with excellent VoIP CLI Routes. Our testing phase features multiple levels and once passed, our routes become ready to serve. We serve you with 100% Caller ID with FAS Free routes.

Over the years, we have managed to facilitate the wholesale market with billions of international minutes while making it possible for our clients to purchase and sell international minutes. We facilitate our clients with ultra-quality traffic and high volume from various locations in the world including the United States.

Blazon Solutions’ IP based Internet Telephony service materializes the dream of setting local rates even for the international calling.

Retail VOIP Termination Provider

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