Terms & Conditions

Blazon Solutions collect, maintain, use and disclose information of our clients in compliance with our privacy policy. By accessing or browsing this website or signing up as a member, you accept the terms and conditions of this privacy policy without any limitation.

Non-personal Identification Information

Blazon Solutions records information on non-personal identification for all visitors of its website which includes, the computer’s IP address, access duration, type of browser used, downloads etc. IP addresses are used to identify general demographical patterns about the users only. Blazon Solutions allows a few third-party units such as Quantcast, Google Analytics etc. to access the non-personal identification information of our clients for statistical data collection purposes only.

Personal Identification Information

Registration as a member requires you to submit some personal identification information which includes your name and email address. This information is used by Blazon Solutions to identify a client and make contact upon need. Signing up, posting and commenting requires the user to agree to the Terms and Conditions of this Privacy Policy.


Unless explicitly described in this Privacy Policy, this policy only highlights the Terms and Conditions for use and disclosure of Personal Information and other information which Blazon Solutions collect from you. While creating your profile or posting on the website, the user reserves the right to disclose or hide personal or personally identifiable information. Your communication with the community members as well as posting of photographs is administered by our Terms and Conditions. Voluntarily disclosed personal information would be visible on publicly-viewable web pages and can be collected or used by others. It is important to understand that postings of this kind may also appear on other websites or when searches are executed on the subject of your posting. In addition, any information posted to the website for access by members of the community may be searchable and available to users of the service through another supported website despite the fact that the particular section of the website may be a “members only” section. This may also receive unsolicited messages from other entities as a result of voluntary disclosure. These activities are not governed by Blazon Solutions’ Privacy Policy. Personal and personally identifiable information should be disclosed with caution only, its protection is not obligated on us per the Terms mentioned above.

Third Party Entities

Blazon Solutions takes no responsibility of usage of collected information by third-party entities, website links for which may be available on our website. A link posted on our website by no means ensure that the particular website’s data usage policy is in compliance with the Terms & Conditions of our Privacy Policy. The user is responsible for reviewing their data usage and privacy policies before voluntarily disclosing any information through these links.

Marketing & Promotions

In compliance with our identification information collection policy, in case of a prior access to the website, Blazon Solutions would have your contact information which may be used to communicate promotions and offers to you. Users reserve the right to revoke this service at any given point in time by deleting the account. For new users, this service is activated only if the user gives consent. You may choose not to accept this service or if you do subscribe at that time and wish to revoke the consent later, you may do so by deleting your account.

Personal Information Security

Unless expressly stated on the website, transmission of collected information via website is not encrypted or secured. It is important to highlight that personal information transmission across the internet doesn’t maintain basic confidentiality is not secure. Personal data may be accessed, altered, corrupted or intercepted by anyone at any given instant. Blazon Solutions takes all possible measures to protect confidential personal and personally identifiable information of its clients. Employee access to collected information is confined to staff members who need access to this information for official work only. We prioritize user data security and have installed security software as well as managerial, physical and digital checks for security, and maintained high-security standards to restrict unauthorized access to any information collected by Blazon Solutions.

Blazon Solutions works in coordination with third party entities in order to ensure business supplies and provision of services to its clients. We ensure that our partners maintain security of user data collected through our website and that their privacy policies are consistent with the national standards. We include protection of user data and confidentiality policies in terms and conditions of our business agreements with our partners.

Blazon Solutions may share its clients’ data with their party entities under following conditions:

  • If disclosure of otherwise expressly confidential personal or personally identifiable information is required or allowed by the national law, Blazon Solutions will choose to share your information with the particular third-party entity. Disclosure of information I these cases is usually through a written medium but verbal sharing may require in some instances.
  • It may be deduced from your consent to a particular disclosure of personal information that Blazon Solutions can share your data with a third-party entity. One such example can be your consent to disclosure of information for products and services which may interest you. Consent in such cases may be revoked at any given time by the user.
  • It is to be noted that in compliance with our website access and posting data collection policies, Blazon Solutions keeps track of the data sent by your internet browser during
  • Navigation through and use of the website. This includes personally identifiable data as well, including IP addresses, duration of access, browser type etc.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Blazon Solutions reserves the right to disclose personal information of the users under the following circumstances:

  • Blazon Solutions reserves the right to disclose your personal information to our partners, subsidiaries, the ultimate holding company as well as its subsidiaries. Information may be disclosed without your consent as well.
  • Any business deal which obligates Blazon Solutions to disclose information collected from its users, we will choose to disclose this information with our business partners even without consent of the user.
  • In case of acquisition of Blazon Solutions by a third-party entity, all user information stored in our logs will be directly transferred to the acquiring party.
  • For the purpose of business research, data analysis, auditing, verification of user identity, fraud protection, credit risk reduction and in case of a legal obligation, for law enforcement or judicial procedures, Blazon Solutions shall exercise its right to disclose personal user data even without their consent.

Online Privacy for Children

Blazon Solutions reserves the right to control of user data for children aged thirteen or lower with their parents or guardians. Data for aforementioned age group of users is not collected by us in compliance with the national Children’s Online Privacy Protection policies.

As a policy, Blazon Solutions requires for a member to be aged eighteen or above in order to sign up. Given this, we do not collect information on any user who is less than eighteen years of age.

It is to be noted that unless expressly indicated in personal and personally identifiable information, a user is considered to be eighteen or above and their submitted information is treated in compliance with our data collection, disclosure and privacy policies without exception. It is important to make a clear indication that a user is less than eighteen years of age in order to ensure that we do not keep records of the information submitted by the user.

Privacy Policy in Case of Ownership Transfer

By agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of our privacy policy as give, you give consent that your personal and personally identifiable information along with other types information submitted by your internet browser during website usage will be transferred to the acquiring party should Blazon Solutions be acquired by a third-party entity or its ownership be transferred.

Change in Privacy Policy

Blazon Solutions keep updating our privacy policy in order to ensure to keep the users updated how the collected information is managed and used. Users are notified via email in case of privacy policy changes and are requested to review them before accessing the website.


Privacy Policy as explicitly stated by Blazon Solutions should be considered as a guarantee for information security and absolute user protection by no means. It is to be understood that we take all necessary and possible measures to ensure that personal and personally identifiable information of our clients are kept confidential and their privacy is protected but human and mechanical errors are beyond the scope of our endeavours. The possibility that personal information is intercepted and used or published by a third-party entity is to be a considered as a margin given the vulnerability of online information transmission through any system. Blazon Solutions cannot warrant absolute information confidentiality given the same.

Non-personal Information

Blazon Solutions records information on non-personal identification for all visitors of its website which includes, the computer’s IP address, access duration, type of browser used, downloads etc. IP addresses are used to identify general demographical patterns about the users only. Blazon Solutions allows a few third-party units such as Quantcast, Google Analytics etc to access the non-personal identification information of our clients for statistical data collection purposes only.


Cookies are used as a browsing tool to optimize user experience for the users. The cookies stored by the web browser are kept as records by Blazon Solutions to tailor user experience for our clients. The user may change coolies setting through their internet browser’s inbuilt settings. They can completely turn off the cookies or trigger alerts when the browser stores them.

Location Based Services

Blazon Solutions may partner with third-party service providers to enable features and services based on location of the user. In such cases, we will maintain records on device location of our clients and process or transmit this information for provision of location-based services in real-time. By enabling any of the features which fall under location-based offers category, the user consents to collection and usage of his location data based on user’s web account and any device registered with it, by us and our partners. This type of information includes device type and ID, real-time device location, time of access request etc. The user reserves the right to revoke this consent at any point in time by deactivating location-based features of our service. Clients must review the privacy policies and Terms & Conditions of the third-party service providers before accessing any location-based features. It is advised not to accept the Terms if precise and point-based location information is required or if a small error or incomplete information provision may result in any personal or property damage, accident or even death, It must be understood that Blazon Solutions cannot warrant complete security, accuracy, completeness or reliability of location-based data showed by the service through its third-party service providers.

Revocation of Promotional Services

The users reserve the right to revoke promotional email services for products and offers if they did not expressly mad consent for such promotions. For such actions, a specific email address is provided to the members of our community.


Third-party web ads running on the Blazon Solutions website may be running cookies. These cookies are used for targeted advertising by these entities based on your personal information acquired through processing of cookies. Blazon Solutions’ privacy policy does not cover use of cookies by these advertising entities, therefore, it is advised to review web browser cookies settings to maintain security.


Blazon Solutions keeps records of information based on email addresses in compliance with the CAN SPAM ACT only. We store email addresses information for the following purposes only:

  • For customer support and answering client queries.
  • For processing of service orders and following up on the same.
  • To provide additional information about the services and products.
  • For marketing and promotions through emails.

In addition, in compliance with the CAN SPAM ACT, Blazon Solutions agree to the following:

  • Not to use misleading email subjects
  • Identify the message as an advertisement in some reasonable way
  • Sign the email with physical address of our office.
  • Monitor third party email marketing services if sent.
  • Comply with revocation policies as stated
  • Include un-subscription option in every email.

Fair Use of Information

Blazon Solutions honours users’ right to privacy and information confidentiality and takes every possible measure to ensure the same. We ensure compliance with all national and global laws of fair usage of user information. Should a data breach occur based on any human or mechanical grounds, we

Notify the user within seven days of breach via email.

Notify the user using in-site notification within seven days of breach.

In case of a possible breach, users reserve the right to legal action. Blazon Solutions will entertain al legal investigations and proceedings in compliance with the law.

Users’ Acceptance to Our Privacy Policy

It should be understood that a user accessing, using and signing up to our website fully agrees to this privacy policy without limitation. If you do not agree with any clause of the Blazon Solutions’ privacy policy then you must not use the website or avail our services.

Contact Us

In case of any queries regarding the privacy policy, contact us via Blazon Solutions’ customer support. We will entertain all your queries.

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